What a blessing and miracle newborn babies are in the lives or many. I can say when my first daughter was born she was such a blessing to one very special person in my life. My grandmother who was one of the most amazing women and role models in my life. To this day I can still see the smile on her face every time she had the opportunity to spend time and hold her first granddaughter. She was so proud. Shortly before my second daughter was born my grandmother passed away from a long battle with cancer. My youngest was born in 2008 and never had the opportunity to meet my grandmother. In one respect it broke my heart that they never got to meet each other face to face. However, my Olivia Anne was named after her great grandmother, so her name lives on in one special little gal who knows all about this special woman who I have always aspired to be.

 I was hired by a client of mine who wanted to document four generations of complete LOVE! I was so honored to take a few beautiful photographs of all these beautiful women. Behind the camera lens I was brought to tears thinking how lucky these ladies were to have such wonderful memories I was helping to create. It made me wish so much I had thought to do something like this with my own grandmother, mother and first born child. The adoration on their faces made me smile and warmed my heart. EVERYONE should take advantage of these special memories when you have the chance. I only wish I had thought to do this myself.

Before we know it, we will truly experience the Spring and Summer weather we have all longed for after a long Winter. I am extending a $50 discount with the mention of my Generations post. This session is absolutely priceless. Thank you to my wonderful client Katie for all your trust in me with all your memories and especially this session with all the amazing women in your life!

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