WOW…Is what I have to say about this photo session and this absolutely beautiful family!!!  I could just photograph these two little blue-eyed “blondies” all day long.  My girlfriend Sara and I go way back from our fun Fan days way before we both settled down to start our most wonderful families.  Sara is that friend who would do anything for you…for me she is the gal who ran through the pouring rain holding about 4 or 5 bridesmaids dresses the day of my wedding and posed for a picture with a big smile on her face.  🙂

And now looking from the other side of the camera during our session and while I editing her photographs all of our fun memories came pouring out!  We had some great times and now I’m so excited to be creating some great memories right here, myself included capturing such sweet moments with her and her sweet family.

From the bottom of my heart, I just love this family and am so blessed to have spent such a wonderful evening with them.  Brian and Sara you are such wonderful parent and great friends!

Smiles,  Ainsley