I know I don’t blog as many personal posts but when I am moved by something I just have the need to share because you never know whose lives may be touched by sharing.  My family found a church home about 3 months ago and have been so excited to be apart of such a wonderful family of people who share the same core beliefs and values!  My kids, even though like most of our kids still have their moments when they act up but in general I have seen a big change in their spirits and confidence since we started going to this church.

My oldest daughter Madison, is getting ready to turn 8 next week and she has always been the shy type and never one to have one single ounce of attention pointed in her direction unless she has spent countless hours practicing a skill that she has mastered on her own.  Never playing a team sport in fear of letting down her team members and only doing the individual sports such as swimming because she is the only one who will be let down if she doesn’t do well.  I have always dreamed for the confidence boost for her and have have seen her blossom over the last few months.

I have had the absolute time of my life these past couple of days working at the girls Vacation Bible Mega Camp at our church taking photographs of the kids having fun in their individual activities and during prayer and worship.  Madison originally signed up for Jr. Kickball and was one of two girls in this group.  After the first night both girls returned to their male dominated group and were not as excited to be playing kickball versus some of the other activities they could have signed up for.  Luckily the Children’s Director gave them the option of a couple of groups who had less students and she and her pal chose Zumba.  Yep…Zumba.  I was so excited for Madison but also very shocked that she chose Zumba because she is kind of artsy and again does not want to the attention brought upon herself and will not even let me watch her dance when I show up to pick her up from Power Jam.  It’s cute and I get it so I let her enjoy her dancing and singing while trying not to peek in on her as I want her to feel free to move and dance and not be insecure while doing it.

We had a rainy night last night and at the end of Camp the Zumba gals got up on stage and began to dance to the awesome music and yes…there was my daughter up on stage.  I was kind of nervous for her because I know how she is about doing things in front of everyone.  The crowds of kids off stage were singing and dancing as loud and wild as they could and I was able to catch all of this on my camera including my daughter who freely danced and moved her arms on stage.  I seriously started crying during the dance routine because this was the first time I had ever seen Madison engage and want to be apart of a group of girls and actually dance in front of this big group of people.  It just moved me and I felt God’s presence in that room that very minute.  With the music loud and all the kids off stage having just as much fun dancing and moving their arms as the ones on stage I moved toward the front of the stage to take a picture of my daughter who was trying so hard to take the right steps and move her arms the right way and she was so serious and not nervous at all.

Although not the best picture I’ve ever taken but one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed and crying while taking this picture.  She has found her confidence in this house known as PCC.  She can be herself and not worry about what everyone else if thinking or feeling.  Like I said before the whole experience of the music, watching every child including mine just let go and be themselves was just amazing. You can just feel the love in this church!

I am thankful every day for a sweet note that the Children’s Director handed my daughter during one of her last field trips last year at her old school in Powhatan.  She invited us to church after Madison told her we had been looking for a church home during lunch that very day.  One of the sweetest notes anyone could ever write to a parent about their child.  This note sealed our first trip to PCC and we have never looked back.  It was absolutely one of the best decisions we have ever made and both of my girl LOVE going to church every Sunday.  Our church family has brought so much joy to our lives and we are forever grateful for this little tiny piece of paper with a hand written note that brought us to such a wonderful place.

And…I thank God for leading us to this very special place as I know He had his hands all over this move for us and the relationships that we have built here at this church along with our own personal relationships that have grown with Him!

Smiles, Ainsley