Faith, Family and Friends are a few of the most important things in my life.  They often make us smile, cry and laugh for joy.  I can’t tell you how many smiles came to my face while photographing and editing this families photographs.  I have a special interest in the two youngsters as they are my dearest godchildren.  I am blessed to be apart of their lives and mom and dad’s too.  Dad has been a lifetime friend of my husband’s and we have spent so many special  times with them.  Mom and I are from Southwest Virginia and have been able to laugh about our southern roots!  Thank goodness to our wonderful husband’s for bringing us into each other’s lives.  I can always count on her to laugh, cry or complain with and I trust her like a sister.  Thanks for being such wonderful friends my Dear Craft Family!  We LOVE You and our wonderful godchildren!

Smiles, Ainsley