This shoot for me was absolutely by far just BEAUTIFUL!!! From the love of a young girl and her horse, the scenery this horse gets to run on every day of her life, to the beautiful sunset shots I captured it was a great day.  I have a new found love for horses and what goes in to taking care of these fascinating beauties.  It was a joy to watch the horse be groomed and prepped for her photo shoot and riding session.  I am looking forward to taking some more photos of “M” and her Horse Britt.  Thanks so much to the “B” Family for letting me spend some special time at the stables and photographing lifetime memories of their family.  Enjoy!



Had to include this next photo because “Britt” was just cracking me up while getting ready for her big debut…She would not stop eating.  I just loved watching her eat.  She kept staring at me like she was posing for the camera.  Either that or she was making sure I wasn’t going to eat any of her hay…No chance Britt…all your’s Sweetie! 🙂